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17th Apr 2023

Welcome to Mindset, Mood & Movement

Growing up, I wrote a self-development list at the age of seven, believing that it contained everything I needed to do to fit in. Over the years, I managed to check off many items from that list, but despite my efforts, I didn't feel like much had changed on the inside. I went on a quest to answer the many questions I had about myself, the mind, and the whole experience of life. This journey has taken me to many places, from self-help to therapy, philosophy to yoga, psychology to performance coaching.

Through my experiences, I've learned that our beliefs, emotions, lifestyle, and physicality are all interconnected with the story we hold about ourselves. And the good news is that we all have the power to change that story.

As sensitive, intelligent, and motivated individuals, we all have things we want to improve about ourselves that we believe will change something fundamental. But sometimes, when our efforts to change the world around us fail, we get frustrated and stuck. The key is to recognize that our opportunity lies within ourselves.

Hi, I'm Sal Jefferies, and I help people free themselves from negative beliefs and old ideas while developing a new, deep confidence in themselves. In my new podcast, Mindset, Mood, and Movement, I speak with specialists from the fields of health, psychology, movement, performance, and leaders like you. Together, we'll uncover how finding coherence between our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing can help us move beyond anxiety, build a deep conviction, make an impact in life, business, and the world, and generally, be happier in the process.

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About the Podcast

Mindset, Mood & Movement
Human performance podcast for life and business
Feeling stuck, stressed and exhausted is bad for you, your health and your business. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Sal Jefferies is a coach who helps founders overcome anxiety, build confidence and become healthy. This podcast will help you feel calm, confident and strong in life and business.

Sal has a unique coaching philosophy which integrates psychology, emotional regulation and embodied action. This podcast aims to share knowledge, skill and strategies from these 3 interwoven areas - mindset, mood & movement.

Each fortnight, Sal will be in conversation with a guest from a specialist field of human performance and behaviour. The week in between will be Sal's own shorter episode where he's goes deep into various topics - all created to give you the tools to become calm, confident & strong.

About your host

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Sal Jefferies

I believe in helping people become free - free of anxiety; to be authentic; to not worry of what others think of you. Free to create, to love and free to be calm, confident and strong.

I understand what it’s like to find life difficult, to deal with challenges and to feel lost; that’s why I over the last 15 years I have immersed myself in yoga, psychology and human behaviour. I have been on a journey of deep change and growth and I know at the core of most life choices is the desire for freedom and peace. I work with people who think deeply and feel deeply and looking to change, evolve and grow.

I don’t take myself too seriously and I bring a light and positive energy to my work. When I’m not coaching, I love reading and learning about anything to do with the human experience. I am also super active and movement is a big part of my life - running, swimming, strength training, doing yoga or enjoying being out with my dogs.