Episode 1

Published on:

17th Jul 2023

How to save time, increase productivity and reduce stress at work using design thinking

Time, productivity and stress are key issues that affect our work. Get it right, and you'll be in flow, productive and happier. However, poor time management means reduced efficiency, increased stress and takes us in the wrong direction.

With my guest, Matt Pattison, we discuss these challenges and areas to provide insights and answers. Using Matt's skillset of design thinking, combined with my knowledge of psychology and human behaviour, we endeavour to give you practical steps to take away and apply.

The main points you'll learn are:

Design is a way of thinking and seeing the world and you can apply it in your world and work to.

Connection - real world connection with other people.

Human behaviour - reactions, responses and we are influenced by our mind and our environment. Working with both will positively impact you.

Design your day - it's your life and your calendar so design it in a way that is aligned to your natural body's needs.

Stress - it's how we respond to stressors that is vital. Understand yourself and your needs and how you respond to events.

Matt Pattison BIO

Matt's eclectic career has taken him from clinician to researcher, designer to film maker. He works tirelessly to design products and services that represent the lives and needs of everyday people across context and culture. He describes himself as a multi passionate entrepreneur and for anyone who might have spoken with him you know conversations can go deep, future focused and diverse pretty quickly. So we will see where this one goes.

Links & References

Matt's Design Thinker course: Apply design thinking to your work, your life and yourself [FREE]

Matt's Mindful Eating course - Slow The Fork Down

Referenced books Matt discussed and a couple more.

1. Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design by Osterwalder et al. 

2. Sprint: How to solve big problems and test new ideas in just 5 days Jake Knapp et al

3. Make Time- Jake Knapp et al 

Also worth a look:

4. Tiny Habits - BJ Fogg

5. Gary Brecka on Diary of a CEO with Stephen Bartlett - Episode 225 [Feb 2023]

Sal's link and references

George Miller 1956. Research into how many things we can hold in our attention.  +/- 7 pieces of information 

Research on brain processing 

Early morning daylight affecting the cortisol ‘pulse’ and circadian rhythms 

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