Episode 11

Published on:

28th Sep 2023

What's the difference between conventional (illness) medicine and health optimisation.

Where do you go if your regular doctor doesn’t have an answer for a health problem?

What is the difference between conventional medicine and health optimisation? This is a fascinating conversation with Dr Ed Caddye who works in both fields. If you want to learn about the future of medicine and healthcare, this is an eye-opener to say the least.

As Dr Caddye says, "just because you’re not SICK, it doesn’t mean you are HEALTHY"

Some of the cutting edge fields we discuss we cover are:

7 pillars in Health Optimisation. Measure metabolism at cell level ‘metabolites’ Using objective testing and markers to assess health.

A simple but profound approach. From A+B+C > A = absence of disease. B = balance of anabolic and catabolic processes (builds things up and what breaks things down). C = depending on the lifecycle of the Individual.

Bottom up and top down approach in the nervous system to health. Evolutionary Medicine, Trauma and BioEnergetics are some of the exciting new fields available.

This is a must listen!

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Ed mentioned Elliott Wise at Limitless University. Link to the Monday morning huddle on zoom every Monday at 7am

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