Episode 7

Published on:

31st Aug 2023

What is self care and why should I do it?

Self care impacts everything - your health, your relationships, your work. In this episode with Tom Weaver, we cover Tom's pillars of self care.

The 8 Pillars include:

Sleep - misconceptions, how to do it right, breathing at night, my strict boundaries, no screens 

Movement - how movement is different to exercise - the threshold being 5649 steps not 10,000 

Nutrition - how can we listen to our bodies, what you can do test it

Hydration - the liquid we drink, how much and how often

Breath - The nose not the mouth, What we are doing wrong, I could talk for more than 2 hours on this topic alone 

Stillness - The hardest one for me, stillness is more than meditation, 

Purpose - I can go into why I felt I needed to leave construction to do what I do now. 

Relationships - speaking to real people, being connected through other means than digitally. 

Resources and links

This book is all about our solutions at Beam to the Fundamentals we spoke about - Radical Self Care by Lianne Weaver 


Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker 


The Breath Library 

The BreathSource 

The Breath Cure by Patrick McKeown 


I use the BreathSource app for moments of stillness 


Sum: Forty Tales from After Lives by David Eagleman 


The Good Life by Robert Waldinger 


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